My Word Collection

Early Days
Upon the Castle Wall
Sweet Rush

Friends Family
Golden Girl
No More Ice Cream Cures
A Baby Girl
A Second Chance
I'll Watch For You
The Thread
Fly My Child
Reflections of Childhood
My Father's Eyes
My Mother's Death

Love Loss
My First Love
Blue Eyed Outlaw
Never Fly Again
The Letter
A Fool's Fool
It's OK Daddy
You Took Me For A Ride
The Escape
Long Legged Lady
You Always Knew
Some People Say
Brown Skin Man

The Long Night
The Fix
King of Highs
Full Circle
Thoughts of the Night

Waking Up
The Scam
Use Your Time For Good
Midnight in the Garden

God and Country
When I Was Blind
You Are My Salvation
I Am America


It's That Time of the Year
Sharing the Blessings
My Christmas Wish

Memories of Hawaii
It's Raining Today
Hilo Town
Island Dreams
Magic of Hawaii
Hawaii Homeland

Misfits Nonsense
Mr. Bishop
Ode To The System
Jail House Slime
It's Lonesome Without You
CRC Blues
My Old Truck
My Cyber Poet

Short Stories
Kimo Leilani
Ohia Lehua
The Runner
Jesus and the Leper


My voice comes from within my experiences and observations of life. My words are a mirror of my feelings. My sound is a creation that continually evolves and constantly changes. Life is made of layers that overlap each other, blending into one color, then separating once again into individual memories, sometimes vague, sometimes forgotten, and sometimes crystal clear.

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Every poem, each story, all the little bits of scribbled thoughts are moments in time, marking a place where I lingered for a while. Words are my attempt to understand my own reflection. I write because I am compelled to do so, not because I think I know how.

When my voice becomes a whisper and my hand can no longer hold a pen, the words will remain. When all that I am has grown silent the words will wait on written pages for others to explore. Not just my words, but all words . . . forever.

Unless otherwise indicated, these compositions are my sole property and no reproductions may be made without my permission.


I AM FOREVER walking upon these shores,
Betwixt the sand and the foam,
The high tide will erase my footprints,
And the wind will blow away the foam.
But the sea and the shore will remain

Khalil Gibran
Sand and Foam, 1926


True progress comes not
through action, but through awakening.

Alan Cohen

©2008 Mary Beth Lara